Threat Pattern Recognition Use Of Force (TPR)

*FORMERLY KNOWN AS* Pressure Point Control Tactics- Defensive Tactics (PPCT-DT)

Security and Personal Safety Training Provider

Defensive Tactics is a 40 hour course designed for officer safety and successful apprehension of a suspect. This course was developed for the law enforcement community, and is a hands on, situation based training program. Defensive Tactics covers everything from how the body responds to a crisis, to suspect behaviors and response options, to handcuffing, self-defense, baton and weapons retention. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate from First Contact as well as one from Human Factor Research Group TPR valid for one year. Along with this you will become a trained member of the law enforcement community with a backing from a large international organization. Re-certification courses will be offered, which are shorter in duration.

in order to enroll in this course, you must have a security licence, be a peace or police officer, or a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Course Cost: New Certification 40 Hour - $380.95+GST | Re-Certification 32 Hour - $290.48+GST