Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services in Alberta

Mobile security is a great way to ensure that the public and others that may be in the area are aware that there is an officer in that area watching and patrolling certain businesses or properties. Our uniformed guards travel in marked Security vehicle’s that double as a visual deterrent as well as a physical checker of properties that ensure buildings and sites are locked and secure and clear from any possible vagrant problems on the location. Mobile drives can have a various number of duties on individual sites, such as doing full interior and exterior building patrols to ensure no signs of fire or flood, ensuring all doors and windows are secure, enabling security systems and ensuring that any and all equipment or tools on the property is in the proper order as requested by each clients needs. Officers also check and report any security issues that may need attention for the benefit of the client, such as breaches in fence lines, lighting issues and or any unknown damages to buildings or equipment. Mobile patrols can be scheduled or randomized to ensure that clients' needs and requests are filled for their benefit.

  • Mobile Response
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarm Response

Our Protection Services include: