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    I can not recommend First Contact enough for all your training needs from Alberta Basic Security Training, Threat Pattern Recognition and self defence. They know the industry and they know what it takes to be successful in it. Erron has a no nonsense approach to delivering curriculum and is personable, professional and has an incredible amount of industry experience! I highly recommend they for all your training and security needs.

    Erron and Tina are amazing to deal with and always have the time to chat about anything you need.

    Tracy Houde
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    I dealt with Canadian Vet Ryan in Red deer for my non-restricted and restricted PAL. The office staff responded quickly on weekends, Ryan was fantastic. You can tell his safety-based exercises were reflex, he genuinely promotes safety as a lifestyle. Being a victim of a lack of safety (spine bolted together at age 24 from a workplace accident) I like his style. He makes sure everyone understands what he is talking about, and if anyone has a problem following along he gives up his small breaks to get them caught up. He stayed as long as we needed time wise, and the office staff was top shelf, prices were the best in a 200km drive for me. Thank you First Contact

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    If your thinking of going for BSOT or TPR training this is the place to go. The instructor's provide excellent educational guidance and a high quality hands on experience. Great place to learn valuable skills.

    Keith LeBlanc
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    Great security training center. Excellent training with compelling first hand stories and a very HANDS ON & "get'er done!" kind of attitude. All are welcome.

    Sean Bertoncini
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    A+ these guys are serious about security. I’d recommend them to anyone if they are looking for security for any business. They are very professional and dedicated. Thanks First Contact!

    Jeff Buist