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Handcuffing has been broken down into two days and available as two separate courses. Basic Handcuffing is a one day, 8 hour course that covers the relevant laws that apply to arresting and detaining a subject as well as proper application of handcuffs on a COMPLIANT subject.

Tactical Handcuffing is the full 2 day course, 16 hours, which includes day one Basic Handcuffing. On day 2 participants will conduct a full review of day one, and then move into Handcuffing a resistive subject, take-downs during handcuffing, searching and escort tactics. Participants will also engage in situation based training designed to test their ability and new tactical knowledge.

Upon completion of handcuffing, participants will receive a certificate from First Contact in either Basic or Tactical Handcuffing valid for 1 year. Recertification on Tactical Handcuffing will require participating in day 2 of a course in the future, to brush up on skills, assist new officers, and once again test your ability and knowledge.

There is no entry pre-requisites for this course.

​Course Cost: 16 Hour- $170.00+GST